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Our Mission

a non-profit organization that guides Jewish children and adolescents, to reach their full potential;

physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Rabbi JJ and Frumie Duchman

An energetic couple who enjoys interacting with youth to enrich their lives and guide them to become strong contributors to society. 


JJ holds his master’s degree in Social Work and is passionate about empathy, vulnerability, and helping individuals to overcome personal obstacles.


Swiss born Frumie, has dedicated her life to outreach and loves to color the world with art, creativity, and her life experiences. 


Our Vision

To create a culture of growth, vulnerability, and connection. Together we can help our children grow into better adults, and ultimately become a better, stronger, community.

Our Plan

Through outreach programs, mental health retreats, summer camps, professional referrals, and other year-round activities, we give a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing, and loving environment to help individual, families, and communities.

Our Promise

Our Organization follows the NASW Code of Ethics, and adheres to all HIPAA laws, specifically maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of our clients.

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